The Flower Guild

The Flower Guild at Calvary was formed during the tenure of The Reverend William E. Smyth. It works with the Altar Guild to ensure our services are not only beautiful liturgically, but are also aesthetically pleasing. The best way to describe our common worship is in terms of our senses. It is spiritual via our eyes, our ears, our touch, and our souls. We strive to enhance our time together by celebrating God’s gifts of creativity and beauty by constructing floral arrangements for Sundays, festival days, baptisms, weddings, funerals and other special occasions.

The Guild currently has 16 active members and also includes parishioners both young and old in our large projects, like dressing the church for Christmas and Easter. Members are responsible for all flowers in the church, chapel and parish house – from planning the designs and selecting/ordering the flowers to creating the arrangements.

The Flower Guild enjoys the support of our clergy, staff and parishioners for its ministry. It is a privilege – as well as a joy – to be a member of the Calvary Church Flower Guild. We are grateful to share our ministry with you.

Katherine Pollard

Members of the Flower Guild

Anne Boone Urquhart, Anderson Ferrell, Buddy Hooks, Nancy Hooks, Valerie Strickland, Jane Thorne, Sharon Sprinkle, Velma Bradshaw, Candis Owens, Janet Bridgers, Louise Strauss, Sandy Jenkins, Marian Barnhill, Bernice Pitt and Shari Redhage

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