The Committee on Aging

The Committee on Aging for Calvary Parish provides transportation for elderly members of our congregation residing at home or at The Albemarle to Calvary’s church services and events.  Other activities include:

  • Assessing the needs and concerns of senior parishioners through individual contact and observation and reporting them to the clergy and/or the Vestry;
  • Responding to spiritual and temporal needs of the elderly by initiating or recommending ministries;
  • Reviewing facilities on the church properties and recommending renovations to accommodate the needs of the physically impaired;
  • Encouraging senior parishioners to use their knowledge, talents and experience for an on-going ministry and to participate fully in the life of Calvary Church;
  • Encouraging the congregation to include fully senior parishioners in the activities and ministry of the parish;
  • Participation in the network established by the Diocesan Commission on Aging; and
  • Maintaining liaison with the Diocesan Commission on Aging, the Edgecombe County and North Carolina Associations on Aging, and the Episcopal Society for the Ministry to Aging.

This Committee reports to the Vestry.

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