The word acolyte comes from the Greek word acolytos, which means companion or helper. This is what Calvary’s acolytes do; they assist with the church services and ensure that the church service runs smoothly, without any bumps in the road.

As the church services begin in Calvary, whether Holy Eucharist, Morning Prayer, Burial Rite, Marriage, or some other service, one will always see an acolyte heading the procession to the altar. For most services, other acolytes will be present and serve as carriers of the torches and flags.

Calvary’s acolytes are comprised of youth in grades 4 through 12, or roughly ages 10 to 18. As acolytes, they have a strong sense of togetherness despite the wide range in ages between them.

Companionship, togetherness, and hard work are all perfect ways to describe Calvary’s great group of acolytes.

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