Calvary Episcopal Church Women

Calvary ECW

The purpose of the Episcopal Church Women (ECW) is to assist the women of the Episcopal Church in carrying out Christ’s work of reconciliation, mission and ministry in the community, nation and the world and to take their place in the life, governance and worship of the church.

Any woman who is a member of the Episcopal Church automatically belongs to ECW. The extent to which a woman is involved is up to her. 

ECW stands ready to lend a helping hand where needed to fulfill our purpose. We work faithfully together to raise funds so that outreach to our community and diocese may be fulfilled.  Together we reach out in love and support for our family members who are sick or bereaved.

How do we at Calvary carry out our purpose?

  • Annual pledge to the diocese
  • Prayer book gift to Calvary confirmands
  • Calvary special events (Bishop’s reception and other events)
  • St Julian’s Guild administration – providing meals for the sick and bereaved. Additionally, we offer a soup, bread and casserole ministry for the church and community
  • Sponsorship of Thanksgiving and/or Christmas families, and donations to our preschool, local nursing homes, veterans, homeless, etc.
  • Monetary support for the Lex Matthews Scholarship Fund and Thompson Child and Family Focus