Saint Luke's Parish Profile

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301 Panola Street

Tarboro, North Carolina 27886




Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church was founded in 1870 and has worshiped at its present location since 1892. We are a resilient, tenacious, historically African-American congregation with a rich history and composed of mostly older, retired, senior communicants.

We are a small, racially integrated congregation of faithful, diverse, talented members. These traits provide for strong lay leadership. Bi-monthly Morning Prayer Services are conducted by our experienced, well-trained Lay Readers; and, they and other laity serve as lectors during bi-monthly Communion Services. Our branch of the Episcopal Church Women participates on the convocation and diocesan levels.

Ministries of St. Luke’s include an active Youth Program with emphasis on Christian Formation and academic enrichment, as well as Community Outreach to residents of the town’s shelter for the homeless.

Saint Luke’s has a strong will to survive and challenges to our survival have taught us that we must work harder to fulfill our Mission Statement as an inclusive place of welcome, joyful and faithful worship, diligent prayer, outreach in the community, pastoral care to members and study of the Bible and the Christian tradition.



We believe that God is calling St. Luke’s to BE a more welcoming, supportive and cohesive body in attunement with our Mission Statement by:


  • creating a welcoming environment for visitors of all faiths;
  • supporting family life;
  • participating more in congregational programs/activities; and,
  • practicing “inreach” to build stronger relationships and a greater respect among members.


We believe that God is calling St. Luke’s to DO those things which will make full use of our talents and diversity and increase our chances for survival.


  • Nurture our youth more fully;
  • Increase the opportunities for fellowship among us;
  • Work to improve attendance and individual stewardship of time, treasure, and talent;
  • Increase the time spent in Bible Study and Christian Education;
  • Focus our talents and volunteer our time and resources to support each other in all of our efforts; and,
  • Reach out to those who are looking for a church home.




We desire a Priest who would be our part-time Vicar, one who would demonstrate enthusiasm as our spiritual leader, our teacher and our guide in helping us to BE and to DO what God is calling St. Luke’s to BE and to DO.

Foremost among desirable personality traits for our new Vicar are open-mindedness, progressive and positive thinking, warmth, flexibility, stimulating and nurturing.

As our spiritual leader, the new Vicar would:


  • be experienced with the spiritual needs of a predominantly African-American congregation and its community;
  • provide an ongoing program of Bible Study and Christian Education which is stimulating to adults and youths;
  • promote spiritual growth among individual members and the entire congregation; and,
  • provide spiritually-based individual or group counseling.


Leadership skills of our new Vicar would guide and encourage St. Luke’s to reach its full potential in:


  • attendance and unity among members;
  • involvement of members in church activities;
  • growth of membership;
  • maintaining a vibrant youth program;
  • continuing the Community Outreach Program for the homeless; and,
  • improving stewardship to move from a state of fiscal survival to a state of fiscal stability.