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Parish & People

Calvary is an historic church.  Its people are inclusive, welcoming, supportive and diverse.   We cherish and are known for our extraordinary musical program.   We offer a traditional worship service but welcome the opportunity to offer innovative services unique among churches in our area, such as our Bluegrass Eucharist in the Fall.  We are committed to an active and ongoing outreach program that will not only benefit our community but will encourage participation and spiritual growth among our members.

Calvary values tradition.  Many of our members can trace their connection to Calvary back for generations.  However, we are a diverse parish that is committed to progressive and creative ideas.  We welcome challenging and inquiring hearts and minds.

Almost twenty years ago, as it is today, Calvary was faced with the search for a new rector.  Since that time, with one notable exception, not much has changed. The core values that governed that search are still applicable today.  Over the past twenty years, however, our relationship with St. Luke’s has grown very strong. We join with St. Luke’s in sharing our priest and deacon.  Although each church stands independent of each other, this relationship makes us stronger as individual churches and as a community.

Calvary has a wide range of ages represented in the congregation.  Currently we have 340 Confirmed Members in Good Standing.  Of those, 36 are 16 years old or younger.  We are a diverse group, but we take pride in the feeling of being a close and supportive community.