Profile - Liturgy & Worship

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Liturgy & Worship

The regular worship services at Calvary consist of an 8:00a.m. Holy Eucharist each Sunday in All Saint’s Chapel and at 11:00a.m. in the Church.  Holy Eucharist is celebrated using Rite I at the 8:00a.m. service and Rite II at the 11:00a.m. service.  A mid-week celebration of the Holy Eucharist is held every Wednesday at 2:00p.m. at The Albemarle, a local retirement community where several of our parishioners reside.

The 8:00a.m. service of Holy Eucharist is consistently attended by approximately twenty to thirty persons.  The 11:00a.m. service has attendance ranging from 75 to 150 persons, depending on the time of year.    Our corporate worship services are conducted with reverence, dignity and precision, and are enhanced by the impressive beauty of our church.

An Advent Service of Lessons and Carols is held.  On Christmas Eve there is a special 5:00 family service with Holy Eucharist; then at 11:00p.m. there is a Festival Eucharist.   Other special services are held on Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  In recent years we have rotated locations of our Maundy Thursday and Pentecost Sunday services with St. Luke’s Parish.  The Pentecost service is celebrated with parishioners wearing red and attending a joint parish picnic.  A churchyard service is held on Easter Sunday at 7:30a.m., followed by Holy Eucharist in the Church at 8:00a.m.   A service of Holy Eucharist is celebrated at 11:00a.m, where children flower a cross prior to the Easter Service.  On several occasions in the Fall, we celebrated a well-attended Bluegrass Eucharist in our churchyard followed by a pig-picking of Eastern North Carolina Bar-B-Que.  In addition to all these services, we have an annual service for the Blessing of our Animals at St. Luke’s.

Calvary Parish has 6 chalice bearers who serve three-year terms.  They serve in rotation and assist in all services.  A large number of youth serve as acolytes and are well trained by our acolyte master. Calvary Parish has an excellent adult choir, and the quality of our music programs adds much to the worship services.  The organist/choirmaster, a professional musician, is a paid member of the parish staff.  In addition to leading the adult choir, he oversees both a junior and a little angels choir.