Profile - Finance & Stewardship

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Finance & Stewardship

Calvary parishioners consistently demonstrate a generous and giving nature.  Currently we have 166 Pledging Units.  The generosity and commitment of the congregation through the years helped establish and helps maintain numerous Special Funds and six Trust Funds.

The six Calvary Parish Trust Funds are:

  1. Churchyard Memorial Endowment Fund – used for the upkeep of the churchyard
  2. Memorial Endowment Trust – used for outreach
  3. The D. Russell Clark Fund – the Vestry’s Discretionary Fund used for non-budget expenditures
  4. Calvary Church Preservation Trust – used for the upkeep and maintenance of the Church building
  5. General Endowment Fund – used in the general operating budget of the parish
  6. Rector’s Discretionary Fund – used at the Rector’s discretion

Special Funds at Calvary are numerous and currently are well funded.  The Special Funds are:

  1. Friends of Music – Special Music Programs
  2. Memorials - Undesignated and Used at Vestry’s discretion
  3. Bequest – A.D. Bruce Jr. Vestry: For access
  4. Anne Clarke Ruffin Fund – Scholarship
  5. Capital Campaign Balance – Architect Fees
  6. Brinkley & Pauline Howell Memorial Fund – Undesignated
  7. Archives and History
  8. Interest to Date
  9. Ruth Clark Charitable Remainder Trust – Churchyard Account
  10. Ruth Clark Charitable Remainder Trust – Vestry Discretionary
  11. Jane L. Long TUW – Gift – Undesignated
  12. Elizabeth Ferry Scholarship Fund
  13. Conrad J. Logan – Bequest – Undesignated
  14. Eagles Charitable Lead Trust
  15. 2007 Capital Campaign Funds

Calvary consistently strives to incorporate stewardship into everyday life on a year round basis.  We are fortunate to have such generous and committed parishioners as we move forward.