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Diocese & Convocation

Calvary Parish, Tarboro, is in the Diocese of North Carolina, one of the largest dioceses in the United States.  The diocese encompasses the central part of the state, extending roughly from Tarboro in the east to Charlotte in the west.  Diocesan headquarters are in Raleigh, the state capital, which is a little more than an hour drive from Tarboro.

The diocesan website is:


The diocese publishes a quarterly magazine, The North Carolina Disciple, which focuses on topical issues and items of interest to diocesan members.

The website for the magazine is:


Calvary Parish is in the Rocky Mount Convocation, which consists of parishes located in six counties in the northeastern boundary of the diocese.  The present Dean of the Rocky Mount Convocation is the Rev. R. Scott White, rector of Church of the Good Shepherd, Rocky Mount.

The life of both the Diocese and the parish is enriched by our active and on-going participation in Convocation and Diocesan affairs.