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Christian Education

The goal of Christian Education is to offer parishioners of all ages a program that will give opportunity and encouragement through a variety of challenging educational experiences for direction in Christian living.   Our youth programs are led by a paid part-time Christian Education leader.

Adult Christian Education is offered on Sunday mornings at 10:00a.m. , Children’s Christian Education is offered through our Wonderful Wednesday afternoon program and Christian Education for our youth is provided through EYC.

Special seasonal events provide opportunities for the entire parish family to participate in timely activities of broad interest.  Advent and Lenten studies in recent years have provided interesting topics of importance to the life of the parish.  Vacation Bible School reinforces our commitment to teach our young people more about Jesus and his teachings.    In addition to the children of Calvary, the grand-children of our parishioners as well as children from around the community attend to explore the stories of the Bible and to enjoy Christ-centered educational activities.  Several parishioners are in various stages of the four-year program, Education for Ministry, which is taught and led by the laity.

A frequent topic of conversation is the need and desire to strengthen the Christian education program at Calvary.  We hope our next rector will bring new ideas, a fresh approach and inspiration that will help us reach new heights of success in this important aspect of our Christian life.