Calvary Episcopal Parish Profile

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Mission Statement

Calvary is an inclusive, progressive and creative community.  We stand with those in need: the poor, the sick and the friendless.  We actively invite all people to experience and celebrate our Living Lord. We seek a Christ-centered life, connecting us to God, one another and the creation around us.


Through a series of congregational meetings, using the Appreciative Inquiry Summit format, parishioners were able to give voice to their thoughts regarding the direction and vision of Calvary Parish for the next 3-5 years.  From a diverse group, common themes emerged.  The goals for Calvary are:

  • To find a spiritual leader who will continue the use of traditional liturgy but be progressive and accepting of new things
  • To be open to creative change, to stay current and to educate and inspire our members
  • To increase participation in services and programs, such as ECW, choir and Altar Guild, and to help make the church a focal point for life’s experiences
  • To encourage more youth participation
  • To encourage our young adults to accept more leadership roles
  • To expand outreach programs and increase our reputation for providing services to the community and for performing mission work
  • To increase the size of our congregation by bringing back lapsed members, attracting young families and singles and encouraging participation by the elderly and handicapped
  • To encourage more interaction with St. Luke’s
  • To continue to have a strong and creative music program dedicated to tradition but open to new ideas
  • To continue using, appreciating and maintaining our buildings and grounds
  • To maintain good financial standing by being fiscally responsible stewards of our resources

The Parish Search Collect

Blessed Creator, Searcher of Souls,

Who brought your people, over the centuries, to form congregations led by spiritual leaders who proclaimed the Gospel by word and deed:

Help us to use our hearts and minds to seek, invite and engage a spiritual leader; that we, as a congregation, may continue to serve you as we are spiritually led by one of your own choosing.

In your holy name we pray.  AMEN